Which Pain Relief Technique Is Right for You?

Chronic pain can get in the way of nearly every aspect of your life. When you find the pain management solution that works for you, it gets much easier to live your life exactly the way you like.

Finding relief can feel like an overwhelming task when pain is your constant, lingering companion. Fortunately, Pacific Pain & Regenerative Medicine, in Irvine and Los Angeles, California, offers a number of techniques to ease your discomfort. Discover the pain relief techniques board-certified, fellowship-trained interventional pain management specialist Hasan Badday, MD, offers, and how to choose the right method for you.

What’s involved in finding pain relief?

Dr. Badday believes in a holistic, comprehensive approach to relieving pain. He uses a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on reducing your pain, regaining your functionality, and restoring your quality of life.

Along with using the pain relief techniques that work best for you, Dr. Badday might recommend lifestyle changes, alternative modalities, and psychological approaches to help you cope. He is here to support you in finding a long-term solution that works for you.

Pain relief techniques available

To find the best pain relief available for your needs, Dr. Badday has a number of techniques available. These are examples of the effective techniques he uses.


Taking medications can provide relief for a variety of different types of pain. Dr. Badday focuses on finding nonaddictive medications that work for you and have minimal side effects.

The medications Dr. Badday prescribes can range from over-the-counter NSAIDs to prescription medication to alternative remedies like hemp extract. To help you get adjusted to your medications and ensure you’re taking them in the most advantageous way for you, Dr. Badday provides medication management services.

Physical therapy and massage

Musculoskeletal injuries, which you can get from playing sports, accidents, or overuse, often respond well to a combination of physical therapy and massage. Physical therapy treatment focuses on restoring your muscle and joint strength and mobility. Massage helps stimulate healing through improving your circulation.

Injection therapy

Injection therapy works by blocking the pain receptors from transmitting pain signals to the area where you’re experiencing pain. Injection therapy takes place in-office as an outpatient procedure and can be particularly effective against nerve pain, migraines, and other kinds of systemic pain.

Infusion therapy

Administered in our comfortable office environment, infusion therapy uses an IV to introduce pain medication directly into your bloodstream. Infusion therapy works on a variety of types of chronic pain and can be particularly effective if your best pain relief medication is more effective when infused right into your bloodstream.

Surgical implants and pumps

In these minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Badday surgically inserts an implant or pump beneath your skin. Implants stop your brain from receiving pain signals, while pumps allow you to control medication that sends pain relief through your spinal cord and nerves.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine describes a variety of treatments, including exosomes and stem cells, that relieve pain by harnessing your body’s own ability to stimulate healing and repair, and is effective for many kinds of chronic pain. Regenerative treatments are noninvasive and administered by injection or IV at Dr. Badday’s office.

Choosing the right pain relief treatment for you

In consultation with you, Dr. Badday chooses the best pain relief techniques available for the source of your pain and your own needs. He then develops a treatment plan to restore your quality of life.

If a medication isn’t addressing your pain effectively enough, Dr. Badday changes your treatment plan to try a new therapy until your pain is relieved.

With the number of chronic pain relief techniques available, there’s no need to spend your life experiencing chronic pain. For help finding treatment that works for you, call our office most convenient for you or book an appointment online today.

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