What Is Exosome Therapy?

As your body ages, you can start to feel less like yourself. Your older body becomes less efficient at producing stem cells and exosomes, which are key to helping you heal from illness and injury, increase your energy levels, and maintain your stamina.

Thanks to an innovative new treatment called exosome therapy, board-certified interventional pain management specialist and stem cell surgeon Hassan Badday, MD, can help you turn back time. Keep reading to learn more about how getting exosome therapy as part of Pacific Pain & Regenerative Medicine’s anti-aging program will help you feel young again.

What is an exosome?

At just 30-150 nanometers across, exosomes are small sacs that contain cells. Exosomes transfer and share information with other cells in your body. 

The information exosomes share can change the function of the cells that are receiving the information. You can think of the exosome’s sharing of data as being similar to one cell sending a text message or email with instructions to another cell.

Messages your exosomes send cells can tell them to heal your body in various ways, including producing more collagen, generating additional healing cells, and speeding up recovery from injury or illness.

How does exosome therapy counter the effects of aging?

Lower turnover of cells is a major cause of the diminished vigor we can experience during the aging process. Using exosome therapy, Dr. Badday is able to counteract the reduced turnover of cells in your body. 

Exosome therapy is a form of regenerative medicine. After getting exosome therapy, your exosomes will communicate new, healing messages to your cells. This leads to your cells telling your body to heal itself through its own regenerative process.

What happens during an exosome therapy treatment?

To perform your treatment, Dr. Badday uses an infusion of exomes. The exomes can either be your own or a donor’s exomes.

After the infusion, your body begins a self-healing process by responding to the messages received from the infusion of new exomes. After treatment, you’ll notice new and old injuries healing further, degenerative conditions slowing their progression, and a decreased pain and higher energy level that makes it easier to be active.

Throughout your exosome therapy, Dr. Badday monitors your progress and is available for any questions you have or needs that arise. He works with you to make sure you get the best result possible from the treatment.

Turn back the clock with exosome therapy

Thanks to exosome therapy and Dr. Badday’s anti-aging program, you no longer have to suffer from the uncomfortable and painful side effects aging can bring to your body. After getting exosome therapy, you’ll experience a reduction in your pain and rediscover your youthful vigor.

Dr. Badday offers exosome therapy at Pacific Pain & Regenerative Medicine in two convenient locations, Irvine and Los Angeles, California. To schedule your appointment, book online, or call your preferred location.

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