How Stem Cell Therapy Speeds Recovery from Tendon Tears and Other Sports Injuries

When you’re living with a tendon tear or other musculoskeletal issue, your recovery can be slow and keep you on the sidelines. But here at Pacific Pain and Regenerative Medicine in Irvine, California, Dr.  Hasan Badday relies on innovative regenerative medicine treatments using stem cells. Stem cell therapy triggers healing in your body, relieves your pain, and restores your function. This cutting-edge approach can speed up your recovery time and have you back in the game in no time.

Rebuilding your body one cell at a time

Stem cell therapy, which is a type of regenerative medicine, focuses on restoring your body to health by reversing the effects of damage or degeneration. This approach uses your own stem cells, which are your body’s raw building blocks, to repair or replace damaged tissue. You can find these unique cells in several areas of your body, but especially in the bone marrow, which is the fatty tissue inside your bones.  

As the building blocks of your body, stem cells have the unique ability to become other types of cells, which makes them a valuable tool for treating disease and injury. Some popular uses for stem cell therapy include treating:

Dr. Badday offers this regenerative approach to treating injuries as a noninvasive solution that speeds your recovery while helping you avoid surgery.

Stem cell therapy in action

To perform the therapy, Dr. Badday harvests your tissue, then processes your sample through a centrifuge which separates your stem cells from other elements in the tissue.

Once prepared, Dr. Badday injects your stem cell sample directly into your injury site during a routine office visit. These injections are usually well-tolerated and have minimal side effects. Immediately after your treatment, you may have mild redness and inflammation in the site as your body recognizes the injury, and your stem cells trigger the healing process.

In the weeks following your stem cell treatment, you can expect to see several changes as your body heals and tissue regenerates in the area. These often include:

Based on the degree of your tendon tear or sports injury, Dr. Badday might recommend a series of stem cell treatments to provide faster, optimal results.

To see how stem cell therapy can speed your recovery, call us at Pacific Pain and Regenerative Medicine or schedule an appointment using our online booking tool.

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