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How Regenerative Medicine Is Revolutionizing Pain Management

If you have arthritis or other chronic joint pain or injuries, you know how debilitating the pain can feel. Fortunately, good news is here for those with musculoskeletal conditions: An innovative new treatment has arrived that will relieve your pain and help you regain your quality of life.

Hasan Badday, MD, the board-certified pain management specialist at Pacific Pain and Regenerative Medicine, uses a revolutionary new regenerative treatment, stem cell injections, to relieve his patients of chronic pain. Read more from Dr. Badday about how regenerative treatments like stem cell injections are making it easier than ever for you to manage your pain.

Stem cells injections work using self-regeneration capabilities

Stem cell injections are one of the newest technologies to use self-regenerative medicine to reduce your pain. This is because stem cells have a unique ability to continue to divide and create additional, comparable stem cells.

Thanks to modern technology, Dr. Badday can now inject these cells into your body and use their self-regeneration to reduce your pain. Once injected into the location you’re experiencing discomfort, the healing cells will continue to regenerate, reducing swelling and pain in the area.

Stem cells injections relieve pain for a variety of conditions

This unique treatment helps people diagnosed with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions lower their levels of pain and swelling. It’s a cutting-edge treatment for arthritis in any joint.

You might also be a candidate for stem cell injections if you have a degenerative condition in your spine, shoulder, or hip. Stem cell injections also help people experiencing pain from a torn meniscus, the sacroiliac joint, and Achilles tendon and rotator cuff injuries.

Stem cell injections prevent you from needing higher levels of care

In the past, patients experiencing severe joint pain had fewer treatment options. To find relief, you often had to get major surgery.

Thanks to revolutionary advances in regenerative medicine, fewer patients need to take on the risks of surgery to find a solution to their pain. Stem cell injections offer you an opportunity to experience long-term relief through a straightforward outpatient treatment.

Stem cell injections are easy, convenient, and safe

Getting a stem cell injection is a simple procedure. Your treatment takes place at Dr. Badday’s office in Irvine or Los Angeles, CA, and only takes about an hour from start to finish.

Depending on your needs, your stem cell injection treatment can be done using your own cells or those from a donor. If you’re using your own cells, Dr. Badday begins by harvesting cells from bone marrow in your hip or another suitable location.

Next, Dr. Badday uses a centrifuge on your or your donor’s blood, which separates the stem cells from the rest of the bone marrow. After the stem cells are fully separated, Dr. Badday, guided by advanced, precise imaging technology, injects them into your joint or disc. You can go back to your usual activities right after the treatment.

Schedule your stem cell injection appointment

If you’re experiencing chronic pain from arthritis or another musculoskeletal condition, stem cell injections can give you a new, pain-free lease on life. At your initial consultation, Dr. Badday evaluates your condition and recommends a course of treatment.

To find out more about stem cell injections and whether this revolutionary treatment is the right pain management solution for you, make your appointment today at Pacific Pain and Regenerative Medicine by booking online or calling our Irvine or Los Angeles office.

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